Looking for a Package?

Here are some important points to note:

  1. Did you receive a tracking number? Note this is not the same as an Order Number. The tracking number for your package is usually emailed to you by your supplier once your item is on it's way to our Miami warehouse.
    It's best to email your request to locate a package to customerservice@shipwebsource.com. Sending your tracking number in text format makes it easy for us to copy it into our Search and avoids any typographic errors.

  2. Have you logged in to your tracking account? You can check the status of your item(s) via our online tracking system. Simply click the "Account Login" button above this window.

  3. Was your package shipped via the US Post Office (USPS)? Most "Free Shipping" offers rely on the Post Office for shipping. However USPS does not always deliver to our warehouse and often requests that we come collect the thousands of packages they've been accumulating. We perform these collections three times per week, so if your USPS package is labelled as "Delivered" via their tracking system, it may actually come into our possession a couple days later.