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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Payment Methods

    What payment methods do you accept?
    Our delivery drivers can only accept Debit or Credit Card payments.
    Cash, Credit and Debit Card payments can be done at our office. Company Cheques will only be accepted after an approval process (contact us for details). We are unable to accept Personal Cheques.

    Can I pay using your mobile app?
    Yes you can. Here's a quick video showing the process https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiJOlSZZW64.

    Download for Android

  • Stopping a package

    Can you stop my package in Miami? I need to ship it back/elsewhere.

    Stopping an item will incur a minimum US$10 fee which must be paid prior to the package's release. This applies to packages being stopped/halted for any reason including: package shipped accidentally, shipping a restricted item, holding for pickup by another individual. Only items delivered in a damaged / broken state to our Miami warehouse will be exempted from this fee. Please note that due to issues beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that all packages can be stopped in Miami.

    Why is there a fee to stop a package?.

    Our Miami operation is focused on the quick processing and export of every package we receive. The large number of requests to pause the shipping process in order to divert items requires additional resources, hence this fee.

  • Flight Delays

    What causes flight delays?

    Courier companies like us as well as a multitude of other companies rely heavily on the airlines for access to their limited space. Although we require a consistent, predictable service, there are times when the airlines reschedule our shipments in favour of perishable-item shipments and resume our service afterward.

    The combination of fewer flights and increased shipping demand results in delays that we cannot control.

    Flight delays are an inescapable occurrence. The only precaution to minimize the inconvenience is to shop early wherever possible.

  • Collecting items at our office

    Can I choose which items I want to collect?
    Packages must be collected in the order in which we received them locally (i.e. oldest packages first).

    Can I send someone to collect on my behalf?
    Yes you can. Just email us at least one day in advance, specifying the person's name and whether he/she can collect all available items or specific items only. Note, the order of collection still applies (oldest packages first). The person collecting must be able to provide your WEB# and his/her valid photo identification.
  • Hazardous Materials

    What exactly is a hazardous item?
    There are countless items which can be purchased easily online but are dangerous to be shipped via air cargo. The US Federal Aviation Authority has strict rules on the handling of such cargo. As a rule of thumb these types of items are considered hazardous: pressurized tins, flammable or easily combustible items, chemicals which emit harsh odours or cannot be safely handled without safety gear, and items with alcohol listed as the first ingredient.
    There are many other items which may seem harmless, but are still unsafe for shipment via air. We advise you contact us prior to shipping any item if you are unsure of its classification.

    Is there any way I can still ship a hazmat item?
    Yes. With with proper handling and/or packaging, the airline may be able to fly it as Hazmat Air Cargo. However while this maintains the speed of delivery, it is a costly option and is typically only used for commercial items.
  • Insurance for your packages

    What does my insurance cover?

    Insurance fees are USD$1.00 for every USD$100.00 of your item's original purchase value or part thereof.
    Any package received at our Miami warehouse without an invoice will only be insured for maximum of USD$100.00. Effective March 20th 2015 your insurance fee covers televisions which were damaged while in-transit from Miami. Please see the section below on Shipping Televisions for more specific information.

    Due to their extremely fragile nature, the following items are not covered by insurance: Flatbed scanners, Microwave ovens, Monitors or any other glass, porcelain, ceramic, cast-iron or concrete products. Please note that shipping charges and taxes are not covered by the insurance and must be paid before a claim can be processed.

  • Shipping Televisions

    Can I ship a TV with Web Source?

    Absolutely. But first, let's clarify the procedure. We pay special attention to handling and shipping your television, verifying the screen's integrity and confirming power-up both in Miami and in Trinidad. This double-inspection is an involved process and attracts a small fee as shown on our Rates page.

    All televisions are extremely fragile, but those measuring 50 inches and larger (including 50-inch class) pose a special challenge mainly because of their dimensions. We temporarily hold these televisions in Miami and offer you the option of securing these larger sizes inside a wooden crate which provides additional reinforcement against the increased risk of damage during shipping. Crating is optional and has an associated fee (see our Rates page). The weight of the crate itself can add upwards of 50lbs to your shipment. However the value of this protective option is undeniable.

    Finally, Insurance must be active on your account to cover your television itself in the event it is damaged. Declining the option to crate will negate your insurance coverage against damage, but will still provide coverage if the item is lost in transit to Trinidad. Our shipping fees and taxes will remain payable as these are not covered by insurance.

  • Maximum Package Value

    Is there a limit to the value of my packages?
    No. However there are a couple considerations. Items valued at US$2500 and above require additional documentation - Electronic Export Information (EEI) - for US Customs. This incurs a US$25 fee which will be added to your invoice from us.
    Items valued at US$3,000 and above will be bonded by Customs and require the services of a licensed Customs Broker to have it cleared.
  • Maximum Package Size

    What size package can I receive through my Web Source account?
    You can receive packages of just about any size. What you have to keep in mind is that we use airfreight only. Items such as furniture and large appliances can be sent through Ocean It.

    Large items that we often ship via air for our customers include items such as computers, electronics, car parts, ready-to-assemble furniture; toys etc. There are instances where additional fees are required for the special handling of larger items. Please ensure that all shipments are packaged properly as we will not accept liability for damage to goods due to improper packaging.

  • Delivery Time

    How long does it take to receive packages?
    Packages that are received at our Miami facility are sent to POS within 48-72 hours of receiving. Local deliveries are generally performed within one to three business days after the cargo is cleared at the local Courier Bond facility.

    We understand that you may not always be available for our first delivery attempt, so our couriers will try to coordinate subsequent attempts with you, but this may take several additional days.

  • Credit Card Billing Address

    I can't use my local billing address at some websites
    Don't worry, you can still shop at these websites. Ask your bank to add your Web Source address as an auxiliary billing address to your credit card. This will speed up your checkout process since your billing and shipping address will be identical.
  • Telephone Number requested by Vendor

    During checkout the online vendor requests a telephone number. Should I provide the number for your Miami Warehouse?
    Online vendors require your personal telephone number so they can contact you if they need to confirm your order. The telephone number you provide should be the same one your bank has on file with the Credit Card you used for the purchase. The supplier most often uses this number for verification purposes. In most cases, you must include Trinidad's International Country Code (868) e.g. 868-555-5555.
  • No Credit Card?

    I do not have a credit card. Can you purchase on my behalf?
    Due to the current restrictions on the availability of US currency, we have ceased our credit card purchasing service.
  • Business Hours

    What are your Business Hours?
    Normal opening hours for our Trinidad office are Monday to Friday, from 8AM to 6PM and Saturdays 9AM to 1PM. Unless otherwise notified, we are closed on all Sundays and Public Holidays. Click for directions to our office.

    Our Miami Warehouse is open to receive cargo Monday to Friday, 9AM to 12PM, then 12:30PM to 4PM. Click for directions.
  • Mail Service

    Can you ship my mail or magazine subscriptions?
    Sorry, we do not offer this service at this time.
  • Address Drop Off / Walk-in deliveries

    Can items be dropped off at your Miami Warehouse to be sent to me in Trinidad?
    Yes, either you or anyone else can drop off items at our Miami Warehouse. We will physically examine the cargo to confirm the contents and issue a Warehouse Receipt to the person who made the delivery.
    Valid ID must be presented and will be copied and included in the delivery documentation as per US Customs requirements.
    Our receiving hours in Miami are 8AM - 12PM, then 12:30PM to 4PM (Miami Time) Monday - Friday. Click for directions.
  • Restricted Items

    Is there anything that I cannot receive through my Web Source account?
    Items considered to be Dangerous Goods by the FAA will be put on hold in Miami and will not be sent until we receive further instructions from you and all appropriate paper work has been filed and fees paid. These items include all aerosol cans and hazardous chemicals. Please note that shipping hazardous materials correctly is an expensive proposition. Here is a list of Restricted Items.
    CNC3 News also highlighted some of the restrictions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lajctp-5s4. If in doubt, please contact us before ordering such items.
  • Can I Import Seeds?

    Click here for the procedures to be followed.
  • Package Weight

    My weight from my supplier does not match my package weight from Web Source. Why is this?
    We re-weigh packages both at Miami and Trinidad for security reasons. There will be times your supplier may state your package weight as 2lbs when it is in fact 1lb, or vice versa. We always re-weigh to ensure that you only pay for your ACTUAL weight.
  • Consolidating Packages

    My order was shipped as several separate items. Can you consolidate them in Miami and ship as one package?
    There are two points to consider regarding consolidation:
    In order to maintain a quick delivery schedule, our Miami center schedules each package to be shipped once it's received and processed. The additional logistics required to manage the interception, retention and consolidation of packages isn't feasible for us at this time because our cargo throughput is simply too high. Before your packages arrive in Trinidad however, you can request that we wait until all have arrived before attempting local delivery.

    You may be concerned that your "extra" packages may cause you to be subjected to expensive volumetric charges. We do not use volumetric calculations to find ways to increase our fees. Yes, you will receive individual invoices for each separate package. However since our fees are based on the package weight, shipping your packages together or separately has no adverse impact on your invoice. This also applies to the Customs Duty and VAT charges - there is no adverse impact whether the items are shipped (and therefore valued) separately or together.
  • My package was delivered. Where is it?

    USPS says my package was delivered. What's the delay?

    Due to their extremely high volume of parcels, the United States Postal Service deliver items directly to our Miami warehouse. Items shipped with USPS are received at the Post Office responsible for our area, marked as "delivered" and our Miami staff schedule multiple pickups each week. There's usually a 5-day timeframe between USPS receiving an item and allowing us to pickup at their office. WebSource is not liable for any delays for packages shipped via USPS.

    I didn't ship with USPS, but my package is still delayed.
    Some possible causes of such a delay are:
    1. Your complete Web Source shipping address was not entered during online checkout.
    2. The shipper did not label your package with your complete delivery address.
    3. If your item is classified as a Restricted Export by US Customs, it can detained in Miami pending the necessary documentation and approval. We will assist and advise you in such cases. However it can be a lengthy and costly process depending on the item.
    Web Source is not responsible for any package delayed for the above reasons. However, by Prealerting all your packages upon initial purchase, you can help us minimise these types of delays.
  • Fuel Surcharge

    What is a fuel surcharge?
    A fuel surcharge is imposed on all carriers by all shippers (ocean and air).

    We at Web Source remain committed to serving you our valued customers in the best way possible keeping our "rate per pound" as low as possible.

  • Uncollected items

    How long can I leave items uncollected?
    You can request that we hold your item for a short duration if you are unavailable e.g. due to overseas travel. However we ask that all reasonable efforts be made to remit payment and facilitate collection of your items within 30 days. It helps us to keep our service running efficiently as our warehouse space remains manageable.
    We also ask for your understanding that we have already covered numerous costs to receive, ship and pay Customs taxes to have your item available. While we do not currently charge rent fees for uncollected items, we will pursue an appropriate avenue to recover payment for items remaining for an undue timeframe.
  • VAT on Local Handling

    What is VAT on Local Handling?
    This tax has been imposed by the Inland Revenue Division of the Ministry of Finance and applies to all skybox providers. We list it on our invoices for transparency purposes.

    You can view the official letter from the Inland Revenue Division here:
    View PDF File

    As a consequence of the reduction in the rate of VAT, this fee has been reduced from 75 cents to 63 cents as of February 1st 2016.
  • Local Delivery Exceptions

    Do you deliver to all locations in Trinidad?

    We would like to offer this convenience to all our customers. However, due to the potential risks, we are unable to deliver in the areas below. We invite customers in these areas to contact us for alternative delivery arrangements.

    Central / South Embacadere
    Cocorite / Diego Martin Powder Magazine Water Hole Cocorite Bagatelle Blue Basin Covigne
    Downtown Duke Street East Picadilly Street East
    Laventille Block 22 Eastern Quarry John John/ Picton Laventille Rd. Prizgar Lands St. Barb's Success Trou Macaque Upper Pashley St.
    Morvant Beetham Gardens Caledonia Chinapoo Mon Repos Never Dirty Paradise Heights Red Hill Romain Land
    St. James Dundonald Hill Niles Street Upper Bournes Road "Coco" Waterhole